The Bluesville Years, Vol. 5: Mr. Brownie And Mr. Sonny

Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry

The Bluesville Years Vol 5 Mr Brownie And Mr Sonny
  • CAT # PRCD-9913-25

    1. Jump, Little Children 4:35
    2. Lonesome Day 5:23
    3. The Killin' Floor 3:38
    4. I Don't Know The Reason 4:01
    5. Every Day I Have The Blues 5:32
    6. I Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog No More 3:41
    7. Four O'Clock Blues 3:32
    8. I'm Gonna Get On My Feets Afterwhile 4:02
    9. Diggin' My Potatoes 3:32
    10. One Monkey Don't Stop The Show 3:12
    11. Evil Hearted Me 4:36
    12. Spread The News Around 4:04
    13. Custard Pie 3:49
    14. Wholesale Dealin' Papa 3:35
    15. Motorcycle Blues 3:43
    16. Hand In Hand 4:50
    17. I Woke Up One Morning And I Could Hardly See 5:44

Recorded October 1960 and April 1962.

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