The Brothers
  • CAT # OJCCD-008-2

    1. Five Brothers 3:12
    2. Five Brothers 3:37
    3. Battle Of The Saxes 3:55
    4. Four And One Moore 3:48
    5. Four And One Moore 3:33
    6. Battleground 3:24
    7. Battleground 3:17
    8. The Red Door 4:36
    9. Morning Fun (Domestic Uses Only) 4:15
    10. Tangerine 4:21
    11. Zootcase 5:32

"Brothers" was a generic term, particularly for the tenor saxophonists (Getz, Sims, Al Cohn, Herbie Steward) who had played "Four Brothers" in Woody Herman's band during the 1947-49 period, and generally for any of the young white tenor saxophonists of the Lester Young persuasion, i.e., Allen Eager and Brew Moore. The five-tenor date was a one-of-a-kind landmark session (Getz with Sims, Cohn, Eager, and Moore); the Sims and Cohn with Kai Winding date predicted the two-tenor group Zoot and Al would lead from 1957

with Al Cohn, Allen Eager, Brew Moore, Walter Bishop, Gene Ramey, Charlie Perry, Kai Winding, George Wallington, Percy Heath, Art Blakey

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