The Calling

Mary Chapin Carpenter

The Calling
  • CAT # 01143-1111-2

    1. The Calling 4:17
    2. We're All Right 3:48
    3. Twilight 4:31
    4. It Must Have Happened 4:01
    5. On and On It Goes 4:21
    6. Your Life Story 4:21
    7. Houston 5:46
    8. Leaving Song 4:01
    9. On with the Song 3:55
    10. Closer and Closer Apart 4:32
    11. Here I Am 4:18
    12. Why Shouldn't We 5:05
    13. Bright Morning Star 4:53

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As a songwriter and performer, Mary Chapin Carpenter has long since transcended the traditional notions of genre and style, finding widespread acclaim for her poetic, elegantly-observed compositions. The Calling, her first release for Zoƫ/Rounder, is the most topical album she's made in her twenty-year career. While it unequivocally addresses issues both public and political - from the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina to religious zealotry to the trial-by-radio of the Dixie Chicks - there is also something deeply personal about this extraordinary collection of songs. The album is a powerful, provocative meditation on the mysteries of fate and circumstance, which mingles timeless questions with contemporary issues. Introspective, defiant and deeply resonant, The Calling is a profound set from one of modern songwriting's most distinctive voices.

Featuring 'It Must Have Happened,' 'We're All Right,' and 'On with the Song.'

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