The Ensemble: Premonition

Jason Lindner

The Ensemble Premonition
  • CAT # SCD-9026-25

    1. Intro 1:15
    2. Premonition 4:55
    3. Mr. Demargary 6:12
    4. Space - Part I "The Beginning" 2:19
    5. Aquarius 7:27
    6. Mary's Vibe (For Mary Lou Williams) 7:01
    7. Gaga 4:00
    8. Avner 2:02
    9. Incantation 9:32
    10. Closure 3:04
    11. U Near Blew! 6:09
    12. Space - Part ll "Continuum" 2:43

Premonition is comprised of original music by Lindner and long-time associates Avi Lebovich and Avishai Cohen, it is spiced with jazz-bebop, Middle Eastern, African and Latin flavors blended into a singular sensibility. The music bespeaks a young man with an old soul, an artist whose virtuosic locutions are ever at the service of a thoughtfully considered worldview, heavily inflected by a hardcore New York attitude.

Premonition represents the output of a working band with over two years of Monday night performances on the bandstand at Smalls, the Greenwich Village incubator for so much Y2K talent. Crossing lines of race and nationality, The Ensemble includes up-and-comers like saxmen Jimmy Greene, Myron Walden, Charles Owens, Greg Tardy and Dave Schumacher, trumpeters Diego Urcola and Alex Norris, trombonist Avi Lebovich, bassists Omer Avital and Avishai Cohen, drummers Daniel Freedman and Jeff Ballard. Their predispositions contribute mightily to the ensemble personality and sound. However, the unifying sensibility is Lindner's, a Brooklyn native for whom music-making is ineluctably a collective notion.

Premonition shows how far Lindner has come in finding a platform for that realization; we can eagerly anticipate observing his progression to new terrain.

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