The Fantasy Years

Betty Everett

The Fantasy Years MP3
  • CAT # FCD-24739-25

    1. I Got To Tell Somebody 2:20
    2. Danger 2:43
    3. Why Are You Leaving Me 3:35
    4. Be Anything (But Be Mine) 6:31
    5. Who Will Your Next Fool Be 3:35
    6. Ain't Nothing Gonna Change Me 2:45
    7. I'm Your Friend 4:33
    8. Try It, You'll Like It 4:47
    9. The Things I Say To His Shoulders 4:10
    10. Don't Let It End ('Til You Let It Begin) 3:18
    11. As Far As We Can Go 4:41
    12. Sweet Dan 4:16
    13. I'm Afraid Of Losing You 3:52
    14. Bedroom Eyes 3:52
    15. What Is It? 2:28
    16. Wondering 4:00
    17. Just A Little Piece Of You 3:35
    18. Happy Endings 3:53

Throughout her prolific recording career, Betty Everett applied her emotive mezzo-soprano pipes to a variety of material--blues, pop, and soul--with an uncanny combination of authority and vulnerability. This collection brings together the best of her work for Fantasy Records between 1970 and '75, and finds Calvin Carter, Willie Mitchell and Charles Chalmers, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, and Gene and Billy Page taking turns in the producer's seat. Included are the hits "I Got to Tell Somebody," "Ain't Nothing Gonna Change Me," "Danger," and the sizzlingly funky "Sweet Dan." Although Everett is now retired from show business, this set stands as a tribute to her greatness.

with Joe Sample, Gene Page, Ray Parker Jr., Dean Parks, Melvin Ragin, David T. Walker, Scott Edwards, Ed Greene, Gary Coleman, Miss Bobbye Hall, Marti McCall, Jackie Ward, Carolyn Willis, Edna Wright

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