The Great Fantasy-Adventure Album

Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

The Great Fantasy Adventure Album
  • CAT # 80342-25

    1. El Cid: Fanfare and Entry of the Nobles 3:22
    2. Main Themes from Hook 4:11
    3. T. Rex! (SFX)
    4. Main Themes from Jurassic Park 5:23
    5. Splitting Hairs (SFX)
    6. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Main Titles 3:06
    7. Opening and Closing Titles from Henry V 3:25
    8. Main Themes from Willow 4:01
    9. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: Overture 1:58
    10. The Abyss: End Titles 4:09
    11. Clash of the Titans: Main Titles, Love Theme and End Titles 3:12
    12. The Rocketeer: To The Rescue and End Titles 6:57
    13. Main Titles from Beetlejuice 2:07
    14. Total Recall: Main Titles 2:17
    15. The Princess Bride: Main Titles 3:25
    16. Wizards and Warriors: Main Titles 2:58
    17. Conan the Barbarian: Anvil of Crom 2:28
    18. The Hunt for Red October: Hymn to Red October 5:08
    19. Cybergenesis (SFX) 1:21
    20. Terminator: Theme 3:30
    21. Jurassic Lunch (SFX) 1:13

Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra take thrilling music from such spectacular fantasy adventure films as El Cid, Hook, Jurassic Park, Robin Hood, Henry V, Willow, Sinbad, The Abyss, Clash of the Titans, Rocketeer, Beetlejuice, Total Recall, The Princess Bride, Wizards & Warriors, Conan the Barbarian, The Hunt for Red October, and Terminator, and bring the drama and intensity from the theater into your living room. Just as these movies are packed with special effects, so is this recording. Even Jurassic Park,'s T-Rex makes his appearance and will take a bite out of your system.

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