The Ill-Conceived P.D.Q. Bach Anthology

Peter Schickele

The Ill Conceived PDQ Bach Anthology
  • CAT # 80520-25

    1. This is Professor Pete
    2. 1712 Overture (S. 1712)
    3. Introduction: Oedipus Tex (S. 150)
    4. II. Aria with chorus: "Howdy There"
    5. Recitative: "It Wasn't Long"
    6. III. My Heart
    7. Recitative: "When Oedipus Heard"
    8. VI. Chorale and Finale
    9. Introduction
    10. Love Me
    11. WTWP Station ID
    12. Oo-La-La Introduction
    13. Oo-La-La: Cookin' French Like the French Cook French
    14. Introduction: The Musical Sacrifice (S. 50% off)
    15. I. Fuga Meshuga
    16. Introduction
    17. Classical Rap (S. 1-2-3)
    18. Introduction: The Short-Tempered Clavier (S.3.14159, easy as)
    19. I. C major
    20. Introduction: Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion (S. 1000)
    21. II. Simply Grand Minuet
    22. Introduction: Four Folk Song Upsettings (S.4)
    23. Little Bunny Hop Hop Hop
    24. Introduction
    25. Minuet Militaire (S. 1A)
    26. Enough Already

Listeners and fans of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach's twenty-first son (of twenty children) will be delighted to learn of this new anthology, compiled from the Master of Wein-am-Rhein's most popular works on Telarc.

Selections included are from such catastrophic works as the dramatic oratorio Oedipus Tex; Classical Rap; The Short-Tempered Clavier; Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion; Four Folk Song Upsettings; The Musical Sacrifice , and more.

Professor Peter Schickele, discoverer of P.D.Q., also holds the awesome responsibility for editing his vast oeuvre. The Professor recently donated his midge collection to the Museum of Natural History in New York City. His latest book, volume seven of his autobiography, is titled: A Pilgrim on the Staff of Life: The Puberty Years, and will be published next summer.

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