The Love Album

Doris Day

The Love Album
  • CAT # FCD-3104-25

    1. For All We Know 3:34
    2. Snuggled On Your Shoulder 3:23
    3. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 2:02
    4. Street Of Dreams 2:36
    5. Oh, How I Miss You Tonight 2:55
    6. Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 2:54
    7. All Alone 2:54
    8. A Faded Summer Love 3:38
    9. Sleepy Lagoon 3:30
    10. Wonderful One 3:20
    11. If I Had My Life To Live Over / Let Me Call You Sweetheart 3:57
    12. Both Sides Now 2:56
    13. It's Magic 2:35
    14. Sentimental Journey 2:31

Because she was one of Hollywood's biggest stars of the 1950s and, especially the 1960s, and because The Doris Day Show was a television success from 1968 to 1973, and because she has been in retirement and out of the public eye for the past two decades, many people have forgotten that Doris Day was an altogether wonderful singer. But with the first U.S. release of 1967's The Love Album, enhanced by three selections from a 1971 TV special that have never been issued anywhere, we are treated once more to Day's lovely, light, and clear voice, with its hummingbird-like vibrato.

Given sensitive accompaniment by an ensemble arranged by Sid Feller, best known for his empathic work with Ray Charles in the 1960s, Day offers a bouquet of classic love ballads, many taken at waltz tempo. The Love Album presents a singer whose natural, unadorned renderings of great old songs are, like cultured pearls, never out of fashion.

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