The Melvin Van Peebles Collection - Music From The Soundtracks Of: Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

Melvin Van Peebles

The Melvin Van Peebles Collection Music From The S
  • Release Date: 26 Oct 1999
  • Label: STAX
  • Genre: OTHER
  • CAT # 2SCD-88040-25

    DISC ONE  
    1. Sweetback Losing His Cherry 2:45
    2. Sweetback Getting It Uptight And Preaching It So Hard The Bourgeois Reggin Angels In Heaven Turn Aro 5:00
    3. Come On Feet Do Your Thing 4:15
    4. Sweetback's Theme 7:36
    5. Hoppin' John 2:25
    6. Mojo Woman 2:55
    7. Sanra Z 4:01
    8. Reggins Hanging On In There As Best They Can 4:27
    9. Won't Bleed Me 2:41
    10. The Man Tries Running His Usual Game But Sweetback's Jones Is So Strong He Wastes The Hounds (Yeah! 4:25
    DISC TWO  
    1. You Cut Up The Clothes In The Closet Of My Dreams 5:45
    2. Break That Party And Opening 2:15
    3. The Eight Day Week
    4. Saturday Night 1:15
    5. The Bowsers Thing 3:55
    6. The Book Of Life 4:20
    7. Quittin' Time 7:05
    8. Ain't Love Grand 4:10
    9. I'm A Bad Character 3:37
    10. Know Your Business 1:45
    11. Feast On Me 3:25
    12. Ain't Love Grand 4:10
    13. Break That Party 3:00
    14. Someday It Seems That It Just Don't Even Pay To Get Out Of Bed 3:25
    15. Quartet 4:05
    16. The Phoney Game 1:40
    17. It Makes No Difference 2:30
    18. Bad Character Bossa Nova 3:35
    19. Quartet 4:05
    20. The Washingtons Thing 5:00
    21. (If You See A Devil) Smash Him 2:23

Renaissance man Melvin Van Peebles revolutionized African-American cinema with the release in 1971 of his decidedly off-the-wall Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. The soundtrack album is equally radical, featuring Van Peebles's often-dissonant jazz-flavored funk tunes sung by himself with a very young Earth, Wind & Fire, along with dialogue from the film and bits of homegrown gospel music. Gospel is at the stylistic core of much of 1972's somewhat more traditional Don't Play Us Cheap, a Broadway production spotlighting the thrilling voices of onetime Ikette Joshie Jo Armstead and legendary gospel quartet basso George (Ooppee) McCurn. This collection finally brings to compact disc these two cornerstones of Van Peebles's rich artistic legacy.

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