The Namesake Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Nitin Sawhney

The Namesake Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • CAT # 11661-9072-2

    1. Shoes to America 1:00
    2. The Namesake Opening Titles 2:57
    3. First Day in New York 1:54
    4. Jhiri Jhiri Choyetali 3:00
    5. Flight IC408 4:02
    6. Airport Grief 1:52
    7. Mo's Affair
    8. Farewell Ashoke
    9. Ashima Becomes a Widow 1:32
    10. Aftermath 1:33
    11. Ye Mera Divanapan 3:35
    12. Baul Song 4:41
    13. Taj Mahal
    14. The Chosen One 1:26
    15. Max Arrives
    16. Boatman's Song 1:25
    17. Postales 4:10
    18. Amra Reformed Hindus 2:40
    19. The Namesake Reprise 5:05
    20. The Same Song 4:11
    21. Falling 4:49

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With The Namesake, Mira Nair found ways to link New York and Calcutta not only visually, but via sound as well. Like the story itself, the film's soundtrack traverses both time and cultures. 'I love Indian classical music and I wanted to link that classical sound with the pulsating New York sound of today,' comments Nair. 'So the soundtrack not only crosses 25 years of time but also moves from Bengali folk music, Geeta Dutt's 'Jhiri Jhiri Choyetali' to hip-hop, 'The Chosen One.' And then there is Nitin Sawhney's haunting score mixed throughout. This is the privilege of cinema: to bring together the sounds, voices, instruments of that which you love and make it one with image.'

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