The P.C. Blues

Red Garland

The PC Blues
  • CAT # OJCCD-898-25

    1. Ahmad's Blues 7:24
    2. Lost April 1:53
    3. Why Was I Born? 5:13
    4. Tweedle Dee Dee 13:16
    5. The P.C. Blues 9:51

Politics and correctness notwithstanding, the initials "P.C." have meant bass giant Paul Chambers to jazz fans since 1959, when his good friend John Coltrane recorded the blues "Mr. P.C." This collection of Red Garland Trio tracks was assembled shortly after Chambers's 1969 death as another tribute, and it illustrates why P.C. remains a primary influence on bassists over a quarter-century later. Among the album's highlights are two examples of Chambers's trademark bowed solos--"Ahmad's Blues," which won Garland his Prestige contract when he cut it in the middle of a Miles Davis quintet session, and the soulfully relaxed title track. There is also loads of infectiously grooving piano from Garland, especially on his extended exploration of the unlikely "Tweedle Dee Dee."

with Paul Chambers, Arthur Taylor, Philly Joe Jones

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