The Spirit Of 176

George Shearing And Hank Jones

The Spirit Of 176
  • CAT # SACD-1009-6-25

    1. Oh , Look At Me Now 3:23
    2. Angel Eyes 3:05
    3. I Mean You 3:14
    4. You Don't Know What Love Is 4:18
    5. To Hank Jones 4:23
    6. Minor Contention 2:04
    7. Ask Me Now 4:57
    8. Triste 3:22
    9. Take A Good Look 3:17
    10. Sweet Lorraine 3:54
    11. Young No More 5:25
    12. Lonely Moments 4:15
    13. Star Eyes 3:59
    14. Confirmation 3:43

Take two of the world's greatest jazz pianists, give them each a Baldwin nine-foot grand piano, and then just sit back and listen with gratitude and amazement as they spin a spirited and mesmerizing musical masterpiece. With 176 piano keys between them, George Shearing and Hank Jones play all the right ones at the right time, in "a flow of gentle astonishment" (Nat Hentoff) that make this session a definitive two-piano pairing. George Shearing and Hank Jones-a merging of musical geniuses that was in 1988, when they finally got together to record this first- long overdue, but certainly well worth the wait. Now on SACD, the wait is over to hear this remarkable recording with the optimum in detail and clarity. “Clearly, these are two exceptionally compatible musicians. And being able to anticipate each other—both in choice of notes and also in turns of mood—they make these duets into a remarkable illumination of the art of mutual improvising.” —Nat Hentoff

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