This Here Is Bobby Timmons

Bobby Timmons

This Here Is Bobby Timmons
  • CAT # OJCCD-104-25

    1. This Here 3:32
    2. Moanin' 5:06
    3. Lush Life 2:29
    4. The Party's Over 4:11
    5. Prelude To A Kiss 3:56
    6. Dat Dere 5:24
    7. My Funny Valentine 4:37
    8. Come Rain Or Come Shine 4:05
    9. Joy Ride 3:58

Bobby Timmons was one of the prime movers in the "soul jazz" movement of the late Fifties and early Sixties that had a deep impact on the various forms of funk which have remained so important a part of the music scene ever since. As a composer, he was best known for the jazz classic "Moanin'" and for the Cannonball Adderley band's first major hit, "This Here." As a pianist he figured importantly in the success of the Adderley and Art Blakey groups of the period and led his own trios. This was his first album as a leader; it provides lasting evidence that he possessed substantial quantities of technique and heart in addition to his full supply of soul.

with Sam Jones and Jimmy Cobb

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