Three Wishes

Miki Howard

Three Wishes
  • CAT # PKD-8502-25

    1. Three Wishes 4:43
    2. One Day Without You 4:25
    3. Nobody 4:58
    4. From Now On 3:56
    5. Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady 4:36
    6. Don't Give Your Heart 4:52
    7. Kiss Of A Stranger 3:32
    8. Imagine 5:01
    9. Bring Your Loving Home 5:02
    10. Meant To Be 4:24

MIKI HOWARD is back! Souful, sultry and passionate best describes MIKI HOWARD's new album, Three Wishes. She brings lyrics to life and is the kind of singer who brings to mind the power and grace of such legends as Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin and Lena Horne. With millions of albums sold, Miki is poised for the anticipated success on her debut album for Peak Records. Make only one wish and go out and hear Miki Howard's Three Wishes!

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