Tiny In Swingville

Tiny Grimes

Tiny In Swingville
  • CAT # OJCCD-1796-2

    1. Annie Laurie 7:42
    2. Home Sick 8:51
    3. Frankie And Johnny 5:50
    4. Down With It 8:56
    5. Ain't Misbehavin' 3:02
    6. Durn Tootin' 4:27

Guitarist Tiny Grimes was associated during the 1940s with some of the most important musicians of the era, including Art Tatum and Charlie Parker. Popular as a sideman and a leader, he enjoyed considerable success through the late 1940s, then was off the national jazz scene until 1958, when Prestige recorded him in a series of albums that reminded listeners of his vitality and creativity. Tiny in Swingville put him in the company of younger musicians with whom he had no difficulty communicating. They included Ray Bryant, a pianist of great style and adaptability, and the remarkable triple-threat reed artist Jerome Richardson.

with Ray Bryant, Wendell Marshall, Arthur Taylor

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