• CAT # PRCD-24138-2

    1. Cantaloupe Island 3:49
    2. Walk On By 8:34
    3. Just For Kicks 2:36
    4. And I Love Her 3:40
    5. Vietnam Mambo 3:25
    6. The Shadow Of Your Smile 4:50
    7. Strange Thing Mambo 2:30
    8. Goldfinger 5:06
    9. Yesterday 3:15
    10. Aye Ma Ma 2:55
    11. Reach Out I'll Be There 4:35
    12. Soul Yamie 3:25
    13. Alfie 4:57
    14. What A Piece 1:56
    15. Early Autumn 5:11
    16. Something Black 4:20
    17. The Groover 3:15
    18. Caravan 5:55

with Vincent McEwan, Claude Bartee, Harold Alexander, William Bivens, John Spruill, Jon Hart, James Phillips, William Curtis, Richard Landrum, Norberto Apellaniz

Recorded February & November 1966.

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