Ed Calle

  • CAT # CCD-4942-25

    1. Joyful 4:22
    2. Love After Dark 4:49
    3. Smood Dude 4:04
    4. Twilight 4:52
    5. Bar Talk 4:14
    6. Laughter In The Rain 4:30
    7. Spanish Rose Prelude 2:01
    8. Spanish Rose 4:57
    9. Lovin' You 4:34
    10. Lover's Lane 4:08
    11. Sari's Song 5:54
    12. Bud & Sandy 4:16
    13. Strut 4:17

One of the most exciting and creative saxophonists in Smooth Jazz and contemporary music, ED CALLE's passionate saxophone sounds have graced countless of recordings - including those of Gloria Estafan, Frank Sinatra, David Byrne, Arturo Sandoval, George Clinton and Vanessa Williams, to name a few. Calle's love of singable melodies and infectiously funky grooves are abundantly evident, both in his memorable compositions and in his inspired, soaring saxophone playing on Twilight, his latest on the Concord Vista label. FEATURING: Ed Calle, saxophones Doug Emery, programming Lee Levin, programming Dan Warner, guitars Richard Bravo, percussion Jim Gasior, piano Julio Hernandez, bass Rene Luis Toledo, guitars Arturo Sandoval, trumpet Miami Symphonic Strings, Alfredo Oliva, concertmaster & contractor

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