Valley of Decision
  • CAT # 11661-7738-2

    1. Bongo Red 3:31
    2. Consciousness 5:32
    3. Valley of Decision 3:38
    4. Bad Habit 3:59
    5. Dog Bite 3:38
    6. Take Heed 3:36
    7. Songwriter 3:49
    8. Mr. Wicked Man 5:22
    9. Walk Foot Man 3:35
    10. Manners and Intelligence 3:42
    11. Tricks 3:44
    12. Beware 3:33

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Albert Griffiths is one of the most inspiring voices in reggae today. Through his music Albert tackles the great issues of human relationships within a framework of rock solid rhythm and melodic innovation. This is music of depth and feeling -- at once human, spiritual, and invigorating; the accomplishments of a master.

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