Kathleen Edwards

  • CAT # 01143-1145-2

    1. Empty Threat 3:37
    2. Chameleon/Comedian 4:41
    3. A Soft Place To Land 4:25
    4. Change The Sheets 4:30
    5. House Full Of Empty Rooms 3:01
    6. Mint 4:51
    7. Sidecar 2:38
    8. Pink Champagne 5:09
    9. Going To Hell 4:17
    10. For The Record 7:06

Kathleen Edwards' 'Voyageur' is the acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter's fourth album, and her first since 'Asking for Flowers' (2008). Produced by Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) and Edwards, 'Voyageur' is less of a departure than it is a journey, and like any transforming trip, it demands that we let go of any preconceptions about the destination. 'Voyageur' evokes a spectrum of overwhelming feelings within the atmosphere of a lucid dream. Edwards' characters speak to the grief, loneliness, shock, and confusion that come with endings as well as the hope and irrepressible joy that accompany new beginnings, but the stories are told with a seductively quiet strength. Aided by the musical support of fellow travelers Justin Vernon and Norah Jones, 'Voyageur' features standout tracks such as "Change the Sheets," "Mint," and "A Soft Place to Land."

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