Harold Mabern

  • CAT # PRCD-24134-25

    1. Strozier's Mode 7:50
    2. Blues For Phineas 5:05
    3. I Can't Understand What I See In You 8:40
    4. Waltzing Westward 9:16
    5. A Time For Love 5:19
    6. Greasy Kid Stuff 8:20
    7. I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do 7:10
    8. Xke 6:45
    9. Alex The Great 7:15
    10. I Want You Back 3:44
    11. John Neely-Beautiful People 8:01

Harold Mabern (b. 1936) is in the middle of an impressive line of Memphis-born, blues-saturated, post-bop pianists that began with Phineas Newborn, Jr. and continues with James Williams. Mabern, whose keyboard sound is among the most powerful extant, is in strong company on these 1969 and '70 small group dates, featuring monster tenor man and old Memphis friend George Coleman, flutist Hubert Laws, and the late trumpeter Lee Morgan, in whose last band Mabern was an integral part. Ranging from modal explorations to balladic beauties, from waltzes to Motown to the blues, Wailin' was an important step in the pianistic and compositional developments of Harold Mabern.

with Virgil Jones, Lee Morgan, George Coleman, Hubert Laws, Joe Jones, Buster Williams, Leo Morris, Idris Muhammad

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