Warm Breeze
  • CAT # OJCCD-994-25

    1. C.B. Express 6:05
    2. After The Rain 7:15
    3. Warm Breeze 6:45
    4. Cookie 4:01
    5. Flight To Nassau 4:27
    6. How Sweet It Is 7:58
    7. Satin Doll 6:01

Here is one of the strongest statements from the final years of Count Basie's legendary career. It features the music of Sam Nestico, the composer/arranger who had been a major contributor to the band's book throughout the Pablo era. Among the six originals Nestico created for this 1981 collection are spotlights for two veteran trumpet stylists. Harry "Sweets" Edison, a central part of the Basie band in the 1930s and '40s, returns on "How Sweet It Is," while Willie Cook, better known for his Ellington affiliation, sounds to the Basie manner born on "Cookie." Among the other soloists are several players (Bob Summers, Dennis Wilson, Danny Turner, Kenny Hing) whose contributions to the orchestra after Basie's death have ensured the band's continued status as jazz's definitive large ensemble.

C.B. Express, After the Rain, Warm Breeze, Cookie, Flight to Nassau, How Sweet It Is, Satin Doll

with Mitchell "Booty" Wood, Dennis Wilson, Grover Mitchell, Bill Hughes, Willie Cook, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Sonny Cohn, Dale Carley, Frank Szabo, Bob Summers, Eric Dixon, Kenny Hing, Bobby Plater, Danny Turner, Johnny Williams, Freddie Green, Cleveland Eaton, Gregg Field, Harold Jones

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