We Are The Same

The Tragically Hip

We Are The Same
  • CAT # 01143-1129-2

    1. Morning Moon 4:01
    2. Honey, Please 4:00
    3. The Last Recluse 3:49
    4. Coffee Girl 3:46
    5. Now The Struggle Has A Name 6:04
    6. The Depression Suite 9:27
    7. The Exact Feeling 3:55
    8. Queen Of The Furrows 4:12
    9. Speed River 4:28
    10. Frozen In My Tracks 4:04
    11. Love Is A First 3:43
    12. Country Day 5:18

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The Tragically Hip have crafted a guitar-drenched ode to everyman on their new album, We are the Same. Featuring relaxed tempos and a mix of electric and acoustic arrangements, We are the Same reconciles melancholy, anger, and optimism amid driving guitars and unforgettable melodies, epitomizing what 'Rolling Stone' called The Hip's 'boundless ambition in making honest rock & roll.' The easygoing, country-inflected opening track, 'Morning Moon,' follows a man's search for 'one little thing to make you feel better' in the course of the day. The infectious 'Coffee Girl' reminisces over a 'beautiful and disaffected' diner waitress, while the driving, mandolin-tinged 'Queen of the Furrows' professes love for a quiet but industrious farmhand. Produced by Bob Rock (Metallica, Aerosmith, Motley Crüe), We are the Same is the twelfth studio album from the Canadian quintet.

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