West Of Westchester


West Of Westchester
  • CAT # PKD-8501-25

    1. Westchester Lady 4:33
    2. Lodo Mojo 4:23
    3. Then There Was You 3:28
    4. Shoulder Step 3:48
    5. Off Shore 4:26
    6. Two Of A Kind 3:59
    7. Late At Night 4:37
    8. When We're Together 4:02
    9. Welcome Home 4:16
    10. Staring At The Ceiling 4:02
    11. This Is How It Should Feel 3:58

DOTSERO's West of Westchester continues in the tradition of their previous works delivering a strong blend of rock, fusion, light funk and soulful melodies with contemporary jazz influences. This album is produced by Russ Freeman (of The Rippingtons) and marks their debut for Freemans' label, Peak Records. Often featuring the tenor and soprano sax stylings of Stephen Watts, DOTSERO has nailed a groove on West of Westchester that will be inhaled by many and enjoyed by all. DOTSERO is: Stephen Watts-tenor and soprano saxophones, EWI (Wind Synth) Michael Friedman-fretted and fretless basses David Watts-electric and acoustic guitars Guest musicians: Russ Freeman-acoustic guitar solo on "Staring At The Ceiling" Kip Kuepper-keyboards, synthesizers and rhythm programming, bass Kurt Jackson-keyboards, synthesizers and rhythm programming on " Then There Was You" Bill Heller-keyboards, synthesizers and rhythm programming

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