Young Blues

Larry Young

Young Blues
  • CAT # OJCCD-1831-25

    1. Young Blues 6:25
    2. A Midnight Angel 2:20
    3. African Blues 4:51
    4. Little White Lies 4:11
    5. Minor Dream 7:46
    6. Something New, Something Blue 7:22
    7. Nica's Dream 7:58

Prestige must have recognized that it had a winner in Larry Young, for it recorded this session for its New jazz series less than two months after the organist’s debut album Testifying (OJCCD-1793-2). This successful follow-up features solid tempos, thanks to the addition of bassist Wendell Marshall, and the best recorded work of organ trio mainstay, guitarist Thornel Schwartz; but the primary features are the attractive tonalities and forward-looking ideas of the leader. In addition to the soulful groove of several tracks, Young Blues also features the pop tune “Little White Lies” (included though unlisted on the original LP), the intriguing “Minor Dream” (recorded under the name “Flickers” by Kenny Burrell on OJCCD-427-2 and Jackie McLean on OJCCD-074-2) and a notable version of Horace Silver’s classic “Nica’s Dream.”

with Thornel Schwartz, Wendell Marshall, Jimmie Smith

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