Don Patterson & Booker Ervin


Legends Of Acid Jazz

  • Release Date: 16 Dec 1996
  • PRCD-24178-2

Three simmering dates from the mid-Sixties are the basis of the Don Patterson, Booker Ervin entry in Prestige's ambitious Legends of Acid Jazz series. They reintroduce the work of Patterson, a thinking person's jazz organist known for his swing and precision. That they also feature the work of legendary Texas tenor modernist Ervin is a bonus. Listen to how these players stoke the groove on Patterson's slinky "S'bout Time" and "Hip Cake Walk," how they updated the hoary &qu… MORE


Booker Ervin's recordings with Charles Mingus and Randy Weston brought him good reviews and a bit of notoriety. But it was his series of Song… More