J.J. Johnson & Nat Adderley


Chain Reaction: Yokohama Concert, Vol. 2

  • Release Date: 18 Sep 1995
  • PACD-2620-121-2

This set is a worthy, if belated, follow-up to J.J. Johnson & Nat Adderley: The Yokohama Concert. Recorded during the same 1977 tour, these performances effectively summarize the state of jazz in the late 1970s. The flag-waving bebop and bluesy swagger of modern jazz classics "Blue 'n' Boogie" and "Walkin'," plus the 6/4 soul-jazz that is "Mohawk," illustrate where Johnson (1924-2001; the undisputed heavyweight champion of modernist trombone… MORE


Orrin's commentary (from his original liner notes): "There are two very good reasons why this album, which at this writing is just a couple of years… More