Collector’s Corner

Anniversary Of Excellence


The Very Best of Prestige Records (Prestige 60th Anniversary) inaugurates 2009's celebration of the label's six decades of history by compiling the best and best-known instrumental tracks laid down for the label by some of the most "prestige"-ious musicians of the modern jazz era.

Bob Weinstock's label is most famous as one of the few companies to contemporarily record four men who became retrospectively known as "the Mount Rushmore of Jazz" -- John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and Sonny Rollins -- all of whom are represented with trademark classics on this Anniversary release.

But this 2-disc set also spreads plenty of jam from other sections of the Prestige roster, from artists whose influence proved more widespread than their popularity, including saxophone aces Dexter Gordon and funky "Jug" Gene Ammons and neo-jazz/classicists The Modern Jazz Quartet.

Anniversary hits digital and physical shelves later this month. You can also relive the original artwork from these and other Prestige titles in the forthcoming book Prestige Records: The Collected Album Cover Art, coming soon to the Concord website.