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Last month, we highlighted just a few of the out-of-print and titles available in the new Digital Only section. We'll continue to point out albums and cuts you should hear, but don't wait for us. If you haven't yet, peruse the section and check out rarities such as Red Garland's Soul Burnin' and Carla Thomas' Sugar. Oh, yeah. And did I mention all digital tracks from Concord Music Group are DRM-free? Well, they are. If you missed my first post about it, I'll recap.

The Digital Only section offers more than just out-of-print titles. You'll also find many titles from Ray Charles' stunning career, including Crying Time and Ray's Moods, available digitally for the first time ever. And if you're looking to explore, check out the new Six Pack series, which serves up tracks from artists like Wes Montgomery and The Dramatics.

Click through and read our writers' thoughts on some of these digital only sets. Keep checking back for more exclusive releases and collector's albums.