Glazunov The Irresistible


So there I am, lying in the bathtub, being lulled into reverie by Edo de Waart and the Minnesota Orchestra's wonderful recording Glazunov: The Seasons & Scenes de ballet, when all of a sudden, the theme music from something out of my past begins playing through my computer-based, audiophile sound system. "Oh, my God!" I exclaimed into the mist. "What is that from?"

Ignoring the potential disapproval of the spouse, I rouse myself, and drip water all over the floor as I toddle to the computer. There I discover that I'm now in the midst of listening to "Autumn," the third movement from The Seasons.

Once I'm dry, a google search commences. As is often the case, most links get me nowhere. But one on the first page indicates that I recognize the music, not from Bonanza or some other TV series (although for all I know, I do), but rather from The Listening Room on New York City's WQXR-FM.

Now, while I visit New York City once a year, and contribute to the Carnegie Hall Playbill, I haven't lived in NYC for almost 38 years. But Glazunov's music is so memorable that the first theme from "Autumn" continues to haunt me, sounding perpetually fresh.

Nor is Glazunov a one-theme composer. Far from it.  The two works on this CD overflow with melody after melody. Your mother will love it. Your pet will love it. Hey, you'll love it. It's great stuff.

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