Can You Feel It?


Herb Alpert and Lani Hall's latest CD, I Feel You, is a wonderfully creative collection of jazz, pop and Latin standards. You've heard these songs before but you've never heard them like this.

We knew the leader of the Tijuana Brass liked to travel south of the border but here the couple takes us around the equator. "What Now My Love," the title song of Alpert's 1966 Billboard chart-topping release, is revisited now with African-style percussion. "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" undulates around a sunny Afro-Caribbean beat. And, of course there are the Brazilian sounds that both Hall and Alpert are noted for. Chicago native Hall was lead vocalist in Sergio Mendes' original Brazil 66, she sings flawlessly in Portuguese. This time around, they give us "Viola," "Berimbau" and "Club Esquina."

Herb sings too, and his sweet, vibrato-free tenor hasn't changed since the '60s. He adds an interesting male perspective to the June Christy classic, "Something Cool." Of course, the centerpiece of any Alpert/Hall recording is Alpert's trumpet playing. On "Call Me," he creates a spacey, atmospheric vibe that hearkens back to Freddie Hubbard's days with EMI.

I don't often write about every single cut on an album and space constraints won't let me, so I'll leave it to you to explore and enjoy all 14 tracks on this standout release.