Nowhere Man


Out Of Nowhere is a live date that Chet Baker recorded on Christmas Eve 1982 with a pickup group of local musicians at a small club in Tulsa, OK. The recording sounds a bit rough and the band is a little-known family affair -- Ted Adams on acoustic bass with sons Ron on electric bass and Frank on alto sax and flute, plus guitarist Frank Brown. But, Baker sounds interested and engaged throughout and the program includes tunes by Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, even if sometimes this 1991 Milestone set seems to come from out of nowhere.

Baker recorded several versions of "Out Of Nowhere" and felt loose enough during this performance to introduce his solo with the opening riff from "The Mexican Hat Dance," then conclude it with scalar runs that shine with Miles Davis' refined, reflective vision. Baker closes with "The Theme," the jaunty little melody that Davis wrote as closing music to wrap up a live set. "Au Privave" gallops through one of the few available recordings of a classically angular bebop steeplechase credited to Charlie Parker. Nobody else ever recorded this tune?

Other live recordings on Milestone include Milestone Jazzstars' In Concert, a 1978 performance by Sonny Rollins, McCoy Tyner, Ron Carter and Al Foster (1989);  All The Way Live by Jimmy Smith with Eddie Harris, recorded in 1981 ('96); and Fourmost Return by Smith with Stanley Turrentine, Kenny Burrell, and Grady Tate, recorded in 1990 NYC ('97).