From The Heart


How My Heart Sings! draws from the same 1962 Bill Evans Trio sessions that birthed the shimmering ballad collection Moon Beams, but presents more uptempo demonstrations of Evans' astounding telepathy with drummer Paul Motian and bassist Chuck Israels. Refurbished as an Original Jazz Classics Remaster to honor the 60th anniversary of the Riverside label that originally released it, Heart Sings! now features an alternate take of Dave Brubeck's "In Your Own Sweet Way" plus other previously unreleased music.

How My Heart Sings! is genuinely beautiful. But it's more than beautiful. It's great music -- more specifically, great jazz. The spaces between Motian's and Evans' playing in "34 Skidoo" sometimes sound so small that they disappear. Motian's drumming in both versions of the Brubeck tune cuts as clean and sharp as Fred Astaire's taps, especially when he patters unaccompanied.

Evans' introspective introduction considers the title track beautifully, like a ballad, and then he twirls into improvisation with a sound as happy as Vince Guaraldi's dancing Snoopy. He uses Israels' throb as the fulcrum for swinging some hot "Summertime" boogie; often thought of as an austere pianist, it's easy to imagine Evans occasionally smiling when he laid this take down.

It's also easy to imagine Heart Sings! as the work of one person with six hands. In addition to this title and Moon Beams (Original Jazz Classics, 2012), you can hear this Evans trio on Essential Standards (OJC, 2009), Bill Evans Plays For Lovers (Riverside, 2009) and other compilations.