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Fly Me To The Moon


Tift Merritt's latest Fantasy release See You On The Moon presents a series of personal, often introspective stories. Like her previous release Another Country, the collection of songs provides a glimpse into an artful world where the perfect melody or turn of phrase captures feelings both unique and universal.

The album starts with the mellow "Mixtape," a simple groove complete with hand claps, and "Engine To Turn," a subtly powerful call to action. They set the tone for the stripped down series of cuts to follow. Of course, on full display is Merritt's phenomenal voice and poignant lyrics, which infuse the music with gentle honesty, making them appear as road-tested parables rather than mere songs. Even the sole cover, Emitt Rhodes' "Live Till You Die," fits on the disc like a hand-carved puzzle piece.

Tucker Martine, who previously worked with bands like The Decemberists and Spoon, produced See You On The Moon. Of working with Martine, Merritt said, "We wanted to come at things from different directions, not go straight for a band combo, really build around the songs rather than some idea of how things were supposed happen."

Merritt is on tour throughout mid-August. Check her out to experience this wonderful collection live.

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