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Where Wings Take Dream


So, here's the deal. I'm not going to use this post to review the re-release of Wings' legendary, Grammy-winning Band On The Run. I'm just not going to do it, even though it's part of the vast Paul McCartney catalog being re-released by Hear Music. If you don't know this album by now and why it rests in the pantheon of seminal rock records of all time, I can't help you. I really can't. The new stuff on it, however, I'll gladly tell you about.

Of course, the album is remastered, but that's just the start of the cool things. There are multiple version from which to choose: the standard version features the original 9-song album; and the three-disc special edition offers a DVD of rare clips and behind-the-scenes footage and 2 CDs -- the original album and a disc of nine bonus audio tracks, including the hit "Helen Wheels."

But, wait! There's more! There's a deluxe edition for those who want to simply binge on McCartney. It features a hardbound book of photos (many previously unpublished), the DVD and three CDs of Paul, Paul and more Paul. There's so much Paul, it's a Paulapalooza of Paultastic Paulishness. There's even a two-disc vinyl edition. Yeah, I just wrote that. To top it off, every one of these editions is also available in MP3 format.

If you haven't heard Band On The Run, you can now decide if you want to start with the original or go big. Really, really big.

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