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Fire On The Road


From the very first note, The B-Side Players' summer 2007 release, Fire in the Youth, is about passion, sacrifice and struggle. Judging from their ambitious road schedule alone, the message in the album is more than just posturing. This fall, they're walking the walk with an ambitious, coast-to-coast U.S. tour in support of the album.

Sponsored by the increasingly music-savvy MySpace, the tour brings the Players' passionate hybrid of Latino rock, jazz, reggae and hip-hop to 52 cities in an itinerary that stretches from New York to Seattle. Naturally, the band's MySpace page ( is also capturing some of the action with news, information, photos and video diaries from the road.

Percussionist Camilo Moreno's first encounter with clams at an outdoor vendor during the San Francisco stop is an especially entertaining moment in the video diary. Occasional hi-jinx aside, there's nothing about this tour that suggests light duty. The itinerary, whose guest list includes the Salvador Santana Band (led by the keyboardist progeny of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana) and reggae/hip-hop/pop/rock collective Cipes for the People, adds up to a string of one-nighters stretching from early September to mid-November. The title of the album and the tour is no lie; these youth have the fire, and with the summer giving way to cool autumn nights, the heat is no less intense.