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Change And Redemption


A new version of Bob Marley's classic "Redemption Song" is the first single from the upcoming Playing For Change: Songs Around The World Part 2, a CD/DVD set scheduled for release on May 10, 2011 -- the 30th anniversary of Marley's death. The "Redemption Song" video is a visual and musical trip through time and space that unites generations and cultures by syncing up vintage Marley concert footage with modern-day performances by little-known street musicians in Japan, the Congo, Italy Jamaica, India and elsewhere.

During his heyday in the 1970s, Marley channeled much of his music toward a vision of a peaceful and unified world -- a place where everyone was more free and more connected, not just politically and socially, but even on a spiritual level. More than three decades into that future, 21st century technology brings that vision back into the spotlight via a musically and visually stirring video that reunites the late reggae icon with his son Stephen as well as musicians from all over the globe

Songs Around The World Part 2 is the followup to the inaugural Playing For Change CD/DVD set released in April 2009. Veteran journalist Bill Moyers called the original album an example of "the simple yet transformative power of music... to touch something in each of us." Check out the "Redemption Song" video from Songs Around The World Part 2, and get a heady dose of that transformative power.