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Love Celtic Style


With over 1 million CDs sold, The Celtic Tenors have earned their reputation as the most successful classical crossover artists Ireland has produced. Embracing repertoire that Irish tenors of earlier eras would never have imagined, their irresistibly warm vocal blend, catchy contemporary orchestrations, and pop crooner sensibilities have gone straight to the hearts of music lovers worldwide. For their seventh album, Feels Like Home, the three Celtic Tenors have chosen a winning assortment of touching love songs.

Their music includes two traditional ballads, unconventionally arranged by Coney Island Publishing (of Ireland!), as well as tunes by Randy Newman, Richard Thompson, and the very un-Irish sounding Yusuf Islam. Some composers may have Irish surnames, but their melodies, lyrics, and orchestration bespeak pop sensibilities. If you love PBS broadcasts of crossover artists, you will find yourself unable to resist dropping strong hints to your loved one about what a wonderful Christmas present this album would make. More likely, you'll stuff your own stocking long before Santa makes his veiled appearance.

The Celtic Tenors emerged early in the century, after what an impromptu audition for EMI in London netted them an international record deal. All have classical training. Although handsome Matthew Gilsenan opted for an engineering career over classical performance until The Celtic Tenors emerged, both James Nelson and Daryl Simpson have backgrounds in opera. You wouldn't know it from this Feels Like Home, which replaces classical affectation with welcoming sweetness and comfort. A winner.