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Buddy Holly Raves On


During Buddy Holly's tragically short life, he created a vast catalog of indelible hits and left a mark on pop music so profound, musicians still cite him as an influence. Some of those musicians pay tribute to the icon on Rave On. The compilation features today's chart toppers covering Holly's most popular songs.

The list of contributing artists reads like the best mix tape ever made -- My Morning Jacket, Cee Lo Green, The Black Keys, Florence And The Machine, She & Him, Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Patti Smith and many more. Each artist brings their own unique sound, creating interpretations unlike anything heard before.

While all the tracks are fitting tributes, my favorite cuts are The Detroit Cobras' rendition of "Heartbeat" and Modest Mouse's take on "That'll Be The Day." Both offer an incredible glimpse into how modern musicians who break new ground with each record are really just building on the solid structures created by Holly. "That'll Be The Day," for example, though composed of the off-kilter rhythms and delivery of Modest Mouse, is completely recognizable as a Buddy Holly song.

Producer Randall Poster put it best when he said, "As the tracks from various contributors were gathered for the album, we seemed to be gathering pieces of a complex and original puzzle... that traces back to the roots of rock and roll and shapes so much of the music that followed."

Buddy Holly would have been 75 this year, but Rave On shows his music hasn't aged a day.