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Gil Evans : Gil Evans & Ten

Released 30 Aug 2005 by Prestige

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-346-2
  •  6.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
Already known for his arrangements in the Claude Thornhill band and the Miles Davis Nonet during the 1940s, Gil Evans went to several important…

The Miles Davis Quintet : Relaxin' With The Miles Davis Quintet

Released 20 Jan 2004 by Prestige

  •  8.98 Catalog # PRCD-8104-2
  •  6.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
This is yet another helping of that quintessential group's output from one day's marathon recording session. It demonstrates Miles's mastery with a…

John Coltrane : Lush Life

Released 30 Sep 2003 by Prestige

  •  8.98 Catalog # PRCD-8103-2
  •  6.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
John Coltrane's Prestige years began when he joined the Miles Davis Quintet in 1955. During the next few years, when he was either with Davis or the…

Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane : Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane

Released 24 Jul 2001 by Prestige

  •  8.98 Catalog # PRCD-8107-2
  •  6.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
John Coltrane was well into the period of what Ira Gitler indelibly described as Coltrane's "sheets of sound" explorations when he and…

Eric Dolphy : Out There

Released 24 Jul 2001 by Prestige

  •  13.98 Catalog # NJSA-8252-6
SUPER AUDIO COMPACT DISC (SACD) Eric Dolphy's second session as a leader is one of his most intriguing. On this CD reissue, Dolphy is heard…

The Modern Jazz Quartet : Django

Released 30 Jul 1991 by Prestige

  •  8.98 Catalog # PRCD-8110-2
  •  6.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
"Django" is perhaps John Lewis's best known composition. Certainly it is one of his most durable, having been played and recorded many…

Sonny Rollins Quartet : Tenor Madness

Released 30 Jul 1991 by Prestige

  •  8.98 Catalog # PRCD-30044-2
  •  5.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
By the time this LP was released, Sonny Rollins already had such albums under his name as Worktime (OJCCD-007-2) and Sonny Rollins Plus 4…